Give love and make it stay

Ryan Ross, Brendon Urie, Jon Walker, Spencer Smith...sigh

Fuck me
Hi! Happy thanksgiving! I'm sorry I disappeared :( I fail at life. Its been over a year since I updated and been on lj for any length of time. I'm teaching at a very low paying private highschool where I'm looked down at because of many dumbass things buy shallow assholes. Most of my students are decent though this year, which does help. but they're still beyond lazy. But I was extremely overwhelmed with all of that. Kind of depressed too honestly.

Panic keeps me going ;)
May 23rd and October shows were the best as I got to meet the boys. Brendon and Ryan sandwiches are the best ever. Ryan, Bden, and Jon are all super sweet at both m&g and little stories. Spence was nice, just no connection like I had with the others.
Last time I was on here, I was gearing up to meet Pete at the clan store and sam ash. That seems like so long ago. I must change this layout when I'm not on my sidekick too....gross.

Anyways...hit me up on betterwithmusic as my aim sn cause I'm sure everyones changed. I won't flake again! Believe me I need friends.....
<33 Jenny

Stalking the lj
so i'm bored so i'm stalking the lj of one of ryans friends...and in it shes called out for fucking panic as its a picture with her and ryan and paulina.  She responds, "I'm no groupie, ryan's a gay"
priceless.  thanks for outing him lol.

other highlights
in a survey 
47.  What Famous person would you like to have dinner with?
Ryan Ross but he usually ditches me for his DAD so, probably Albert Markovski or Max Fischer.

48. What famous Person would you like to sleep with?
see above


HCT Pete
Pete Wentz of FALL OUT BOY Meet & Greet
10/21/2007 11:00:00 AM - 10/21/2007 1:00:00 PM
sam ash music...i love you
pete says tricks gonna be there too on the fob site, but thats from the sam ash site.

WHAT TO GET SIGNED?!??!?!  FOB show the night before and then up at dawn to go here...and then going out for a 21st bday? yeah im gonna be trashed on the 22nd

Fuck me
So I actually hauled my ass out of bed at dawn (well for me 635 is dawn) and dragged my ass to a school to sub and I have no students. They are all on a field trip. I'm here in case someones late to school and misses the trip. It would be fine if it was 1 period. But its 4 out of the 5 that I have to sub. Fucking shoot me. They could have warned me so I could bring a book or something.

The Quickest Way to Ruin A Friendship (patd fiction)
Title: The Quickest Way to Ruin a Friendship
Author: Arsenic (</a></b></a>arsenicjade)
Fandom/Pairing: Bandom, Panic!GSF
posted on  damnyouwentz 
Rating: NC-17
Length: A little over 40K words
Summary: The members of Panic! really should talk to each other more. (A straightforward GSF. I promise.)

Starts at brendon joining until bottling incident.  Rated NC-17, but its not a pornfiction story where they just go at it.
I can't do this justice by saying read it.  It's just put my head and heart through a wringer.  And I think I relate to Ryan's feelings a little too much in part of this story.  I think I'll be able to sleep actually tonight.

Fall Out Boy video for Invisible Children and "Me & You"

Keltie PicSpam, for Emily

For Emily, Because you deserve it :) for your fantastic story, Infinite, Sometimes

Dont forget to tell me what keltie pic you liked the best, just for the fun of it :)
Did you like it?

(no subject)

fuck you pete wentz and your damn meet and greet
thats bullshit...they didnt pick the first 30 people...they picked the first 16.  thats shit because only ock people can go to meet and greet but you can buy a ticket for someone else.  

now im pissed after all the vma fun videos online

Ryan's adoable little smile

Getting Arrested makes Ryan Smile :)

which makes me smile.
also spence and ryan holding hands and getting felt up during the video did it too.

It's like playing wheres waldo in all the vma videos.  where's patd and keltie and haley ?


Ryan meets Keltie :)
Panic reherse/behind the scenes from 2006 VMAs...Part of it is they meet the dancers that are going to be performing.  Which means this is Ryan meeting Keltie.  Well not directly video taped, but she talks about how happy she is to be performing with patd. 
um? where was this like last year?


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